Monday, February 14, 2011


Being a hero doesn't necessary mean putting your own life at risk in order to help others.  All it means is making some sort of sacrifice in order to make someone else's life better in some way.  This could be a Mother or Father giving up time with their friends in order to take their child to a dance class or soccer game on a regular basis, or a person stopping in at a blood clinic and donating their time and blood for someone else to possibly use at some point in time.  It could be a stranger stopping a mugging or a firefighter rushing into a burning building to pull out someone at risk.

The point is that hero's are like the stars in the sky.  Some are much bigger and brighter than others, but from the perspective of Earth they are all very much similar.  If we pulled away the veil of our own atmosphere and saw into space unrestrained we'd see the night sky in a very different way.  We'd see so many more stars, each of which would sparkle and shine like we've never seen before.

If we all looked at each person and tried to find the good in them and recognize the heroes in everyday life and pulled away the veil of public perspective, we'd see so many more good people. The more good people that we'd see would inspire us regular folk into stepping up and doing our part to be a hero as best we could, and that would make a world of difference.

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