Monday, February 14, 2011


Being a hero doesn't necessary mean putting your own life at risk in order to help others.  All it means is making some sort of sacrifice in order to make someone else's life better in some way.  This could be a Mother or Father giving up time with their friends in order to take their child to a dance class or soccer game on a regular basis, or a person stopping in at a blood clinic and donating their time and blood for someone else to possibly use at some point in time.  It could be a stranger stopping a mugging or a firefighter rushing into a burning building to pull out someone at risk.

The point is that hero's are like the stars in the sky.  Some are much bigger and brighter than others, but from the perspective of Earth they are all very much similar.  If we pulled away the veil of our own atmosphere and saw into space unrestrained we'd see the night sky in a very different way.  We'd see so many more stars, each of which would sparkle and shine like we've never seen before.

If we all looked at each person and tried to find the good in them and recognize the heroes in everyday life and pulled away the veil of public perspective, we'd see so many more good people. The more good people that we'd see would inspire us regular folk into stepping up and doing our part to be a hero as best we could, and that would make a world of difference.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


There has been recent speculations and assumptions by more than a few scientists on the possibility of Earth-type planets being quite common in the universe.  While this is most definitely enticing information it is not a revelation.  It is, however, still just speculation.

With the deployment of the Keplar planet hound spacecraft last year we have taken a confident step down the right path to obtaining hard evidence to confirm these speculations.  It will take time but already we're seeing the fruits of humanities labours.  As time goes by we will collect more and more information and as technology improves so to will our ability to confirm or disprove said speculations.

Scientists suggest that one out of every four sun-like stars may have a planet similar in size to Earth in close orbit.  These scientists focused on 33 known alien planets which orbit around 22 different stars and detected (but not confirmed) the presence of another 12 similar planets.  Further to this 166 stars were then analyzed, resulting in estimates that 1.6% had Jupiter-sized planets in orbit and 12% had "super-Earths" (planets roughly 3-10 times the size of our own).

What does this mean?  Essentially out of about 100 typical sun-like stars, one or two will have a planet the size of Jupiter, six will have a planet the size of Neptune, and up to twelve will have a super-Earth.  It can then be extrapolated that about 23 out of every 100 will likely have an Earth sized planet.  The Earth-sized planets can only be guessed at due to the fact we cannot yet detect planets of this size, they're just too small for our current technology.

If any of the numbers above are remotely accurate it bodes well for the human race to someday explore new worlds and possibly relieve some of the strain on our own planet due to over-population.

It is fairly ignorant to even consider the fact that we as a human race on the planet Earth are the only intelligent beings in existence.  With this number of planets estimated to be in existence it is highly likely we're not alone.  At the present time, however, we can only be satisfied with estimations and speculations.  I for one am positive that the truth will come to the forefront before long and we'll soon have neighbours in this universe.  Whether or not we'll be able to make contact remains to be seen.

Monday, October 25, 2010


First of all I would like to say that for anyone who should happen to read this blog you should know that this is the very first one I have ever written.  Ever.  It is my hope that I can contribute and somehow, someway find my own Voice for whomever wants to hear it.

That being said, I would also like to add that I am an honest person who will endeavour to only write what I believe is the truth and to shed some light on a bit of the unknown.  The intent of this blog is to be a bit of an investigative journalist and search out answers to questions I have, or anyone else who requires assistance in answering their own.

I have not settled on the first topic of discussion at this juncture, but feel free to add your thoughts or questions and I will add them to the queue and hope to reply in good time.

That's all for now, good night to all.